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  • Featured Artist - Micheline Laudun Denis

    Micheline Laudun Denis has performed throughout Europe, Africa, The United States and the Americas, has nourished a lifetime commitment to enriching the cultural community at home and abroad. She devotes herself to musical education and regularly performs chamber music recitals and as a soloist with orchestras. Although she has performed in the finest of music hall before such elite audiences as the Organization of American states, Denis is just as comfortable perfroming at charity festivals that benefit her audiences musically and the causes she endorses financially.

    Denis has had the fortune to learn and perfect her craft under the guidance of many highly accomplished masters. When she was 13, she studied under Basil Codolban, a Jewish reufgee who came to Haiti during World Was II. At 16, the U.S. government offered Denis a scholarship to study in America. She attended the New York College of Music for a year and a half, then returned to Haiti to give her first formal recital at the age of 18. Soon after she played at the presidential palace to then Haitian President Dumarsais.

    Denis then spent 6 years, beginning in 1949 in France at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris and the Ecole de Haut Perfoectionnement Musical, under the musical direction of Marguerite Long and Jacques Thibaut. Her country called her home in 1954, asking her to perform in a celebration marking Haiti's 150th year of independence. Also performing was the African-American opera star Marian Anderson.

    Denis returned to Paris but a year later, in 1955 she decided to re-establish herself in Haiti. She came home, married, and embarked upon a career in teaching, which she continues to enjoy. Working with children inspired Denis to write an instruction book, "The Musical Garden," which demonstrates a teaching method that uses stories, signs and cartoons instead of musical notes. In Haiti, she opened a music store where she sold records, radions and equipment.

    Though she devoted herself to home and her six children (two of whom were her sister Monique Laudun's children), Denis still peforms professionally, travelling throughout Europe and the Americas. She played in 1973 Washington D.C. in a concert for the Organization of American States and in 1978 for the president of Senegal in West Africa.

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