Monday, May 29, 2023
Fred Paul Presents Klasik Twoubadou ! english | français
This album is a tribute to all the Troubadours of my country, specially the pioneers who, inspired by the reality of their environment, wrote songs that touched everyone. Their performance was graced with soul and humor. They colored Haïti's musical landscape.

Thanks to Fabrice and Kéké, Twoubadou is back. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I present you LOLE-LOLAY "Klasik Twoubadou," the album conceived in honor of the masters of this musical genre such as Dodof Legros, Ti Paris, Coupé Cloué, Raphaël Bénito, Robert Molin, Anélus Cadet, Frantz Coulanges, Joe Jack, Gérard Dupervil, Rodrigue Millien, Althiéry Dorival, Toto Nécessité, and others... What a repertoire they gave us!

And now relax and let LOLE-LOLAY color your world. Enjoy.

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