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  • Webmaster's Choice

    The First Danzon Danzon by Six
    When the producer, first brought me this CD he
    warned me that it might be a little "before my time." What
    he failed to realize is that as a fellow musician I appretiate
    good music regardless of genre and quote un-quote age.
    Somethings just get better with age, and although this CD
    has just been recorded, the music, taken from the First Danzon
    ever written in Cuba (so the legend goes), has aged like wine
    and fine wine indeed it is Tafa
    Favorite Tracks were...Linda Melodia...Triptico...La Chaucha

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Comme Jadis
Gina Dupervil w Her Father

In Concert
Micheline Laudun Denis

Miami Live

Haitiando V.2
Boulo Valcourt

Haitiando V.1
Boulo Valcourt

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