What the Critics are saying about Micheline Laudun Denis in Concert

...She marvelously evoked the classical spirit of Scarlatti,Mozart and Beethoven. The Mozart particularly, had a delicious rhythmical movement, a beautiful, limpid sonority, legato phrases molded with sensitivity. ..In the Beethoven, the essence of the music was skillfully expressed with clarity and precision. ..The cheerful, gently dissonant aspects of Sonata No 3 from Kabalevsky were admirably executed as well, by the straight and delicate touch of Mrs. laudun Denis.
Peter G. Davis

...The ability to immediately create the adequate climate, to instantly penetrate every author's atmosphere, a
perfect technique, and above all, a great musical culture: These are the fundamental qualities that make
Micheline laudun Denis a pianist of uncommon category. ..
Dr. Michele Tomaselli Esumen
"Caracas News"

...A piano recital of rare perfection was given yesterday evening at the Pan-American Union by Micheline
Laudun Denis ...How well she plays, this pianist! Her mastery throughout the recital was complete. Her
interpretation of Bach was wonderfully articulated, balanced, controlled, powerful. The Beethoven was of
contained dynamism with each note well in place and all played like a long swell ...'For Piano"by Debussy had
the most beautiful interpretation I can remember having ever heard: Sublime, profound, resonant.
James Backas
"The Washington Evening Star and Daily News"

...Yesterday evening's recital indicated thatwe were in the presence ofa pianist like we don't encounter every
day. Her musicality is impeccable, her technique prodigious, her sonority fully and solidly measured.As powerful as the sound could be in the'forteU passages, she was able to soften the percutant contours. The Beethoven sonata, the masterpiece of the program, had the most impressive interpretation. This piece admirably leads itself to a detached, objective execution, and Mrs. Denis' play was so clear, so energetic and incisive, that the music attained by itself its proper dramatic summits without having to become emphatic.
Alan Kriegman
"Washington Post"

La grande qualité de ce récital est d'avoir présenté des pièces qui reflètent les préoccupations de compositeurs qui recherchent la communion entre interprète et auditeur pour livrer le caractère intime. Tous les éloges vont à la pianiste qui a su inciter pareille union grâce à la maîtrise de son art.
Dr. Ferere Laguerre
"Le Nouvelliste"

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